About me

Honoured with the prestigious Dada Saheb Phalke Award, Jayesh Sheth has the divine eye for capturing all that is commonly unnoticed with the flair for defining his own unique style, making him unparalleled.

Jayesh Sheth

about me

An alumni of the famous JJ School of Arts, Jayesh started his career as a freelance photographer, followed by working for high-end fashion magazines for their editorial shoots.

He established his calibre par excellence in fashion photography especially head shots / portraiture. Jayesh was the first in Mumbai to establish the concept of portfolio studio under the name "THE EYE".

In the early days of his career, he would attend parties and premieres of the glamour world clearly focussing his lens eye on capturing some of the most stunning and timeless candid shots of Bollywood's "famous and fabulous"!

Jayesh's photography has focused almost exclusively on design, fashion and Bollywood celebrities. Between 1980 and 2000 his photography prowess had placed him amongst India's most revered and referenced photographers.

He reached the pinnacle of recognition for his outdoor portraiture on actors in natural light, whether shooting a model or developing his own conceptual and storytelling line of work.

He extended the genre of his photography with his surreal and bold photography and portraits the bared the souls of some of the most iconic celebrities & personalities.

Honoured with the prestigious Dada Saheb Phalke Award,
Jayesh Sheth has the divine eye for capturing all that is commonly unnoticed with the flair for defining his own unique style, making him unparalleled.

He is the only Indian photographer who was chosen for an exclusive photoshoot of Richard Gere.

He was also featured in BBC Channel 4 for his unique method of conceptual photography making ordinary people look glamorous... Showing how photography could speak a language of its own!

Lighting and storytelling photography has been Jayesh's forte, which being much ahead of his time earned him his mammoth reputation! His sense of lighting in his frames is akin to a painter's sense of colours on his canvas... Jayesh Sheth creates magic using natural lights adding indescribable charm to even the most mundane frame.

Jayesh is a down-to-earth, passionate professional with a heart. He directed the documentary on the most iconic and classic movie of Indian cinema: Mughal-e-Azam.

Continuing his legendary journey with photography he subsequently diversified into directing documentaries, blockbuster music videos and film making.

Jayesh's three decades and plus of experience includes transitioning through technological advancements - from the analogue to the digital era.

Jayesh is a passionate believer of Maya Angelou's famous expression:

"If you get, give.

If you learn, teach."

His inspirations being the legendary Irving Penn and Richard Avedon. This School is Jayesh's next passionate endeavour to share his expertise and create a new crop of revolutionary photographers for the country and the industry to boast of...




Jayesh Sheth School of Photography

Photography and Beyond

Jayesh Sheth School of Photography is the vision of Mr. Jayesh Sheth to bring about difference in the lives of budding photographers. His objective is to empower the next-gen photographers and equip them with strong technical and practical foundation that will prepare them for the career of a professional photographer.

At JSSP, we conduct different photography sessions, covering different genres of photography. The School offers both short and long term certification courses. JSSP emphasizes on students' artistic development as well as linking craft & creativity that teaches them the language of photography. JSSP courses are designed with the aim to train and nurture the aspiring photo-enthusiast.

The unique teaching methodology aims at imparting knowledge through regular interactive and hands on practical sessions to enhance the creative expression of every individual student.

Through his school, Jayesh Sheth shares his secrets and insights into making photographs convey a powerful sense of place, capture the essence of a person or a rare moment. The idea is for every student to receive hands on advice to add depth and meaning to their photography.

JSSP welcomes you on this beautiful journey of training in the galatians of this format of visual art and surreal storytelling as the Master and his panel of experienced, reputed photographers handhold you every step of the way!